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  • What are the signs of age related memory loss?

    What are the signs of age related memory loss and how can we manage and improve memory loss?

  • Nature is nurture – Forest walks improve mental health

    Mental health is something that we should all talk about. Getting out in nature by goin...

  • Health benefits of vitamin D

    Vitamin D is one of the essential vitamins we need within our diets to optimise its hea...

  • How to prevent memory loss and improve memory

    Looking after our brain health to help prevent memory loss has been a hot topic of rece...

  • Brain foods that increase concentration while studying

    Contents  Introduction into brain foods for concentration Brain foods that can increas...

  • The best antioxidant foods and benefits

    Contents 1. What is an antioxidant? 2. What are free radicals? 3. Why are antioxidants...

  • The Health benefits of Ginseng - The anti-stress herb

    Ginseng is a medicinal herb that has been used for its health benefits for more than 2000 years in traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It has shown a wide variety of positive health benefits ranging from relieving stress to promoting immune function. 
  • Sage Health Benefits – The super herb for memory and concentration

    Sage also known as Salvia, is a herb that is native to the Mediterranean. It has a long history in traditional medicine and was even used by the Romans as a ‘cure all’. In fact, Salvia comes from the Latin word Salvare which means to heal, paying tribute to its long list of health benefits.
  • The best brain vitamins for brain health, brain function and energy

    Vitamins are organic compounds and are essential for normal physiological function. Vitamins cannot be made in our bodies, so we must obtain them from a good balanced diet. We require adequate amounts of 13 vitamins including vitamins A, D, E, K, C and several B vitamins. 
  • Best vegan brain foods for energy and concentration boost

    Plants have a long history in being used in traditional medicine to treat many kinds of ailments, some of the medicines on the pharmaceutical market today have been based off chemical structures found in plants. Both modern and ancient civilisations have harnessed the power of vegan foods for a brain, energy and concentration boost; making them a very exciting and promising way of improving your short and long term brain function.
  • The best vitamins for energy

    Low energy levels and tiredness is a big problem across the world. For example, almost 40% of the American workforce suffer from fatigue ( We are all looking for ways to boost are energy levels: ensuring we get the necessary vitamins within our diet and vitamin supplementation are some of the best ways to boost energy levels, concentration and reduce tiredness. 
  • What are nootropics? Their role as brain boosters

    In today's modern society we are pushed to our limits. With the hectic lifestyles we lead it is ever more important to make sure that we are getting the right nutrients from our diets and also to choose foods and herbs that enhance are brain power and energy levels. Even though brain boosting herbs and compounds have been around for thousands of years they have now been categorised as Nootropics. 

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