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Exam season has arrived and here at Memoraid we have been busy promoting our brain health message to the students of Manchester!

During exam season your brain and body, as a whole are put under an awful amount of stress. Too much stress can have detrimental effects on your brain's health and it can also decrease your performance in exams. So it’s important to be well organised and plan your time right down to the types of foods you eat and the amount of exercise you do.

Stress can be the route cause of other health issues including poor sleep, diet and increased likelihood to drink alcohol/smoke. All of these factors trigger free radicals. These are molecules that cause damage to cells in our bodies, including brain cells. Anti-oxidants, found in certain foods can help to combat free radicals. It is becoming more difficult to consume anti-oxidants in our diets due to hectic lifestyles. Along with providing ways of how to reduce stress, Memoraid contains Blueberry extract, which is a potent anti-oxidant and helps to protect cells from free radical damage. 

Our slogan as a company, is 'Think Smart. Think Memoraid.' Being pharmacists, we understand the importance of bridging the gap between supplementation and healthy lifestyles for a better performing brain. Think Smart. Is all about what you can do in your lifestyle to improve your brain performance. ​The second part of our slogan, Think Memoraid. Is about supplementation.

Memoraid provides an optimal spectrum of vitamins and herbal ingredients to promote brain vitality and performance. Memoraid is caffeine-free, allergen-free, gluten-free and suitable vegetarians. It was formulated to be an all inclusive combination supplement packed with 15 natural ingredients tailored for brain performance. Memoraid is classed as 'The Complete Memory Supplement' as its ingredients cover the 4 key pillars of brain functioning 'Memory', 'Focus', 'Energy' and 'Protection' whilst providing up to date healthy lifestyle advice.

Memoraid is caffeine-free: It is generally thought, especially by students, that caffeine has a positive impact on memory/concentration. This leads to students increasing their consumption of highly caffeinated energy drinks around exam times. However, this often results in side effects like sleep loss, anxiety and even palpitations. Some things that are best avoided when studying! What all the research suggests is that getting the right amount of sleep is imperative to allowing your brain to re-charge and take in all the information you’ve fed it during the day. Take a positive step in your brain performance today, by reducing caffeine intake. You could replace this with exercise, as exercise is proven to increase the blood flow to the brain, increasing concentration and brain performance. Blood flow to the brain has also been shown to be improved by one of Memoraid's core ingredients. Ginkgo. A long with exercise, this helps to improve the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the brain.

Moving on from negative stimulants, like caffeine, this brings us onto Memoraid's unique ingredient and natural concentration enhancer, Salvia Officinalis, commonly known as Sage. 

Sage is a naturally occurring acetyl cholinesterase inhibitor. It's mechanism works very similarly to a drug called 'Ritalin (Modafinil)'. Sage works by increasing the amount of chemical transmitter in the brain, called Acetyl Choline, by blocking an enzyme called acetyl cholinesterase. By increasing the amount acetyl choline, this helps to improve the communication between brain cells hence improving memory function and concentration. Sage recently starred on BBC Trust Me I'm a Doctor series for its superior brain boosting qualities and was victorious over caffeine in their experiment. You can read more on the BBC here:

Going back to Ritalin (Modafinil). This is one of the drugs, which is worryingly illegally sourced by many students. A study at Oxford University indicated 26% of their students were taking these illegal drugs. Being a prescription only medicine, these must be authorised by a doctor but students are resorting to buying these drugs illegally online from the black market. These drugs could potentially be very dangerous as the source has not been verified and approved. Modafinil is kept under lock and key in a pharmacy, so it highlights how important it is, not to illegally source these drugs and only take them under the supervision of a doctor. You can read more about the ill effects here:

Everyone at Memoraid, wishes you all the best of luck in your exams!

Remember to stay up to date with our brain blogs for more up to date tips on improving your brain's performance.

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As healthcare professionals, our team of pharmacists has seen the negative impact of poor lifestyles & diet on the brain. 'Mission Memoraid' has been born to raise awareness, provide a well-researched brain supplement & provide lifestyle advice in order to improve brain health. 

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