What are the signs of age related memory loss?


1. What are the signs of age related memory loss?

2. Ways to improve and manage memory loss?

1. What are the signs of age related memory loss?

Age related memory loss is something that many people experience as they get older and it does not stop them from living a normal life. Age related memory loss should not be confused with dementia/Alzheimer’s disease and it can be managed by being more organised (eg making lists), improving diet and taking regular exercise. If you are worried and you are exhibiting symptoms of memory loss symptoms it is always best to visit your doctor for a check-up.

Common examples of age-related memory loss could include:

  1. Mis-placing everyday items like your glasses every so often
  2. Occasionally forgetting the right word to use
  3. Sometimes forgetting a person’s name and then remembering it later

2. Ways to improve and manage memory loss?

Examples like these are generally considered normal and can be easily managed by:

  1. Making lists of plans and keeping a diary.
  2. Setting alerts on your phone, with appointment dates and times.
  3. Having a specific designated place for each item (e.g. return your glasses to the same place on the sideboard after use or put your car key on the same hook)
  4. Take regular daily exercise – exercise increases blood flow the brain and helps with memory.
  5. Take regular daily vitamins that have shown to help with brain health and memory eg vitamin D and vitamin B12.

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