The Memoraid Story

Memoraid was created by pharmacists with a special interest in brain health and performance. At university they saw and experienced, the negative impact, poor lifestyles and diet had on the brain. Here they witnessed students consuming highly caffeinated energy drinks and, more worryingly, turning to the black market for illegal drugs.

When working as pharmacists, they were exposed to the rising concerns around dementia in the media. Patients of all ages were not only seeking brain health advice but an effective memory supplement too.

This inspired them to create 'Memoraid - The Complete Memory Supplement' and to be successful in their mission of bridging the gap between lifestyle changes and supplementation for a healthier brain.

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    As healthcare professionals, our team of pharmacists has seen the negative impact of poor lifestyles & diet on the brain. 'Mission Memoraid' has been born to raise awareness, provide a well-researched brain supplement & provide lifestyle advice in order to improve brain health. 

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